Centre Pointe has truly changed my life! I came here as a lost and confused college student. I was a little afraid of what the people would think of me at first but I was welcomed with open arms from the very first visit. The love of God is so evident in every single church member and I am so thankful to have these people in my life! God is doing awesome things at Centre Pointe and I am so blessed to be a part if this church!                                                 ~Katy Sauers

Centre Pointe in State College is the gateway to my Faith! This is where I had my first strong encounter with the Lord when I received the Holy Ghost. Then, I got baptized.Centre Point is now my new family! I am so grateful for all the amazing people there! I’m so overjoyed that the church is with me while I find my walk with Jesus. I pray to God everyday and I thank Him because He allowed me to have great relationships with the people at Centre Point! Whenever I have questions to build my Faith someone is always there to help me understand better. I encourage everyone to go and visit and really see what worshiping really looks like! I promise that the excitement and the craving to really seek God will have you coming back. I am a personal witness!                                                                                                   ~Thalia H. Camacho

It may sound a bit cliche, however having Centre Pointe Church in State College, PA means the world to me, literally. I moved here a little over a year to attend Pennsylvania State University. As many young people can relate to, the venture off to college is very intimidating and a scary process. Having the church here not only gave me a very strong support group,  but it also blessed me with what I consider family. Apart from the warm welcome I received, I feel beyond blessed to attend a church with such a beautiful, anointed and Holy Ghost filled atmosphere                                                                                                                        ~Abby Sanchez

I always had a curiosity about Jesus, but no real direction or role models on how to live righteously. But, when I came to Centre Pointe I found both of these things as well as the most important aspect of life, a relationship with Jesus. Belonging to Centre Pointe is a blessing because it’s a church that speaks the truth about Jesus and won’t water it down. I am privileged to be in a church where people listen to and obey God, even if it means leaving their home and going across the country or world. The passion and desire for God in this church is unsurpassed by any other and I am thrilled that I have a church family that cares about people.                                                                                                                            ~Shawna Mitchell

I am really glad that I am a part of Centre Pointe. If I hadn’t met these people and gone to this church, I would not have the Holy Ghost or even know how awesome and loving God is, This church has changed the way I look and see the world. The one think I love most about Centre Pointe is how loving people are here. Sometimes I have questions about Bible verses or about God and and everyone is always happy to answer them. Those are the things that make Centre Pointe so awesome and if you don’t believe me come and find out for yourself.                                                                                                                                                        ~Joannah Skucek

What I like about Centre Pointe is how everyone genuinely cares for on another. I also like how the Holy Ghost moves during worship and altar call. I can truly experience God’s presence at this church.                                                                                                               ~Chelsea Woodland