Deeper is literally right around the corner.  Very soon we will be talking about how we experienced a mighty move of the Holy Ghost and witnessed many lives, students and non-students alike, transformed by the power and anointing of the Holy Ghost.   This kind of experience doesn’t just happen without preparation on our part.

Chuck Yeager didn’t break the sound barrier alone. He had the Bell X-1 research rocket plane that propelled him to reach mach 1.07 breaking the sound barrier for the very first time.  We as a church have the greatest opportunity to be the force behind Deeper that will propel this conference to new heights which the UPCI has never seen before.

I want to encourage each and every member of the church to set aside the month of January for some focused prayer and fasting for Deeper.  Be the force that will tear down strongholds and even break the backbone of the spiritual principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickedness of State College.

A few things to pray for:

Pray the “Spirit of Prayer” would be prevalent in the church

Pray for our speakers – Matthew Johnson & Tim Greene

Pray that our alter services would be effective

Pray we see a great harvest of Penn State Students

Pray for miracles, signs & wonders to be released

Pray that the weather will be nice (no snowstorms)

It is really important that during this time of prayer & fasting we pray in the Holy Ghost.  Ask the Lord to give you prayers in the Spirit that will destroy the yokes of bondage of our city and on the campus.  Deny yourself some things you would normally do or eat. Pick up your weapons of prayer and fasting & be the fuel that will take Deeper & this church to greater levels.  We are standing on the brink of the greatest move of the Holy Ghost since the day of Pentecost.  This revival could go beyond even what was experienced during the Azusa Street revivals.  It’s awesome to think you are a part of it!

All of us working together…… Makes a great Church!

-Scott Patterson