3/22/17 Updates


  • New building is close to happening!  Plus 2 new churches have committed to help with the lease.
  • Prayer Walks have been successful.  Another one is this Saturday March 25th at 1 PM.
  • The March 26th launch has been scaled back due to not having the building yet.


  • 1 received the Holy Ghost at Youth Convention!
  • 1 New Family in service Sunday.  Home Bible Study committed for Thursday night.
  • Men’s Breakfast this Saturday.
  • Youth are selling Easter Eggs! Chocolate covered Peanut Butter!
  • Missionary Service – April 2nd.
  • Communion Service April 9th in Lewistown.

            State College/CMI/Deeper Movement

  • New Students in attendance from Deeper
  • New connections still happening from Deeper
  • SC Youth Selling Chocolate covered Easter Eggs
  • Connect to Bless is coming April 2nd
  • Pastor will be ministering and baptizing inside Rockview prison on April 2nd @ 1:30.
  • Work on the altar area will be completed this week.
  • Outreach this Saturday.  Any/all that can help out appreciated!
  • April 9th we will have Communion in the Sunday Morning service.

1/15/17 – Updates

State College

  • Corporate Prayer this month – every evening between 4 & 10 pm come to the church.
  • Outreach for Deeper and Sunday School is in the works.  There will be more to follow.
  • Fellowship – Connect to Bless at a new level is being worked on and will be rolled out soon. This will be ongoing throughout the course of 2017.
  • PI is set up and enrollment is open.  Sign up at www.purposeinstitute.com and register at the State College campus
  • In the first quarter there will be a comprehensive leadership structure with qualifications.  This has been in the making for a while and we will are close to being there.
  • Money to carpet the platform has been donated.  We will work on getting this completed as soon as possible.
  • We will work on the sound booth in January as well.


  • We are planning some changes to the midweek service in Lewistown.  More to come soon.
  • Remodeling will continue in January.


  • Launch Date is March 26th!

11/3/16 Updates

· November 20th fellowship after service.

· Pumpkin roll fundraiser kicked off last Sunday.

· Thanksgiving service for church family Tuesday, Nov. 22nd.

State College
· Baked goods for sale!

· Exciting things happening with Deeper 2017!

· CMI continues to grow with good consistent student numbers both in CMI Monday and in our Sunday & Midweek services.

10/29/16 Updates

State College:
1) More baking happening today for fundraising! Please get involved in selling these items!

2) Fall Conference is Nov. 3-5 in York.

3) Centre Pointe is selling baked goods! Send us an email to order.

1) We will complete the platform project early this week.

2) Next – Decorate/paint the platform area.

3) Next step will be the walls then the ceiling & carpet!!!

1) Great excitement for this work to get off the ground!

2) Please continue to pray for this work.

3) 4 first time visitors to Centre Pointe!!

1) Much prayer needs to be focused on Deeper!

2) Finance work for Deeper has started

All Nations Sunday

All Nations Sunday is a chance for us to celebrate the cultural diversity that is a part of our nation and of our local community.  Come be a part of a special evangelistic service, followed by a culturally diverse feast free of charge.  Come experience an Apostolic move of God while celebrating the culture that makes you unique.

All Nations Sunday:  Reaching all nations that have come to call North America their home.