Connecting to the Times……..

The cool winds of autumn are blowing, the leaves are turning colors, and the fields of grain are beginning to be harvested. All pointing toward the Fall season alerting us to the winding down of another year. As the days get noticeably shorter I am reminded of the scripture:

“Mark 13:20 And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.”

Many believe that the Lord has indeed “shortened” the days. It feels like the minutes are only 30 seconds long and days only 20 hours. Never enough time to get things done even with all the time saving devices we now have.

The question that comes as I ponder this scripture is, “Why do the days need to be shortened?” Jesus began this discourse as he was leaving the temple, stating that the temple would be destroyed. Later, seated on a vantage point that overlooked the city the disciples asked, “When shall these things be and what is the sign of them happening?” What follows is the description of events before His coming.

Based on the intensity of the times Jesus promises to “shorten” the days for the elect’s sake.” Is it time for the church to begin to repeat the words of John as He hears Jesus say “Even so I come quickly?” John’s reply: “Even so come.”

I encourage you to pray to be connected to the times that we live in! The time-clock of Jesus! Time is running out! The Day of the Lord is at hand.

Our theme of the year is “Connect to Bless.” Let’s connect ourselves and others to the times we are living in so that all will be blessed. Pray that we are so connected to Jesus that we can with excitement say, “even so come.”

Behold He comes…….