It’s that time of year when the gifts will be purchased, wrapped and then the final finishing touch – The Bow.  What is the purpose of bow on a gift?  Did you ever accidentally (hmmm – gentlemen) stack gifts on top of each other and smash the bow?  I did recently and somehow managed to straighten it up so that my wife never knew…..until now.  Yikes!  I just told on myself.

The bow is that completing.  “Putting a Bow on It” is a term used to express completion.  Finished.  Done.

As I write this 2014 is down to 28 days.  The major portion of the work has been done.  The growing season has come and gone.  Harvest is done.   Things have been wrapped up.  In the church we have made the plans, executed the plans, had special services, hosted our first ever Missions Training Seminar, fundraisers have happened, youth group has grown, first Fall Festival outreach was a success, Children’s Crusade, VBS, CMI, and many other things too numerous to mention.  Now what?

It’s time for the Bow!  Let’s imagine that the celebration of Thanksgiving is creating the bow and setting the stage for that careful positioning of the bow.  Similar to one of our family traditions where we spend Black Friday putting up the Christmas decorations.

How then do we put the bow on 2014?  Humor me to believe that we, as Christians, are indeed celebrating the birth of our Savior in this last month of the year even if our world has lost sight of this.  If that is the case then let’s follow the example of the first comers to the manger in Bethlehem.

Luke records that the Angles appeared “praising God” and saying Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”  He tells us that the Shepherds “returned glorifying and praising God.”  It would seem to me that was the bow at the birth of Jesus and it would be fitting for us to place that same bow on 2014 as we head down the homestretch.

Let’s purpose to make a special effort to Praise and Glorify God throughout the remainder of 2014.  Let’s put the bow on 2014!