• New building is close to happening!  Plus 2 new churches have committed to help with the lease.
  • Prayer Walks have been successful.  Another one is this Saturday March 25th at 1 PM.
  • The March 26th launch has been scaled back due to not having the building yet.


  • 1 received the Holy Ghost at Youth Convention!
  • 1 New Family in service Sunday.  Home Bible Study committed for Thursday night.
  • Men’s Breakfast this Saturday.
  • Youth are selling Easter Eggs! Chocolate covered Peanut Butter!
  • Missionary Service – April 2nd.
  • Communion Service April 9th in Lewistown.

            State College/CMI/Deeper Movement

  • New Students in attendance from Deeper
  • New connections still happening from Deeper
  • SC Youth Selling Chocolate covered Easter Eggs
  • Connect to Bless is coming April 2nd
  • Pastor will be ministering and baptizing inside Rockview prison on April 2nd @ 1:30.
  • Work on the altar area will be completed this week.
  • Outreach this Saturday.  Any/all that can help out appreciated!
  • April 9th we will have Communion in the Sunday Morning service.